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Christian Coma Sim by TheBlackBullet Christian Coma Sim :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 19 6 Jinxx Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by TheBlackBullet Jinxx Wonka and the Chocolate Factory :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 51 6
Captured - Ch. 6
Sleep is an escape from reality and sometimes an escape is what's needed, especially when it came to Andy and Ashley. They lay there in their beds, both of them sleeping quietly with only the lightest of snores and some quiet mumble sounds. There was also some movement with the two in their sleep with Ashley turning over every so often and Andy actually ended up moving enough to have one leg and one arm off the side of the bed. It seemed like they were completely out for count, both in a deep sleep.
Well, they were both sleeping in a pretty deep sleep until that blaring alarm started up. Both of them flinched awake and Andy flinched enough to fall out of bed with all the covers around him. Feeling startled and wary, he quickly sat up and stared over to Ashley who looked pretty confused and alerted.
“What's going on??” The bassist of the band quickly got to a stand and moved off towards the door to peer out the gap. Andy watched him for a moment then proceeded to stand up an
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Captured - Ch. 5
Maybe in reality it'd be expected that someone in such a situation as these guys were would be panicking, but no. They weren't panicked. Not for themselves at least. Sure, they worried if they'd ever get out, if they'd ever see the light of day again and such but mostly they were just worrying about what their loved ones might be thinking. Did they know they were missing? Were the cops involved? The entire situation was just raising so many different questions, many that remained unvoiced.
“I still consider this to be some crazy shit! I mean, come on guys! Have you seen what they put on us?! We're wearing onesies! I don't get why but still. They're comfy,” CC exclaimed, lying in the middle of the holding room floor, pretty much in the shape of a star. He was in a holding room with Jake and Jinxx who were both sitting on the floor with their backs resting against the wall.
“CC, please,” Jinxx uttered, feeling terribly irritable. “We're trying to figure out
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Captured - Ch. 4
Almost every holding room that Andy was dragged by contained at least one person. He could hear them complaining, asking to be let out, requesting certain things and arguing with those they may have been put into a room with. He could hear familiar voices but at the same time, he honestly wasn't sure whether it could be his mind playing up or not. All he knew was that he somehow felt better knowing that it wasn't just his band that had been captured by these strange people. There were many other bands, and he was sure that they were not done capturing.
Eventually, they stopped and held him there at a stance. They began speaking Russian to each other. Andy just looked at them with a confused lost puppy expression before a scowl returned once again. They then opened a door to the left and chucked him in there, quickly closing it as he dropped onto the cold flooring. He landed on his side and quickly sat up to stare at the door. He stood up, walked forward and placed a hand on the door, t
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Captured - Ch. 3
This place, this facility, it was run by many people and the age ranges of those employed within the establishment went from the age of fifteen to twenty-eight. There were more females than males and any males involved were likely over eighteen. They all had different jobs within the place and came from different countries. Some were even forced into the work, but they enjoyed it. They enjoyed every minute of it.
Down the hallway from where Jinxx, Ashley and CC remained, there was another door and opening that door created the view for another hallway. The walls of every hallway were pure white and the lighting was bright too, yet most rooms were decorated with the colour black everywhere and everyone who worked there wore black too. Down that other hallway though at the very end there was another door. It was a 'grooming room' and it was occupied by one band member. Also within that room were two females, one that had to be around the age of sixteen and the other nineteen.
“He i
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Captured - Ch. 2
To call a place your home should be to call it your safe haven. Was this place a safe haven? No, and it was clear that the entire band was in danger, one in particular since he was no where to be seen. Was he dead or was he simply placed in another part of wherever the hell they were? Answers to such questions remain unknown.
The masked female folded her arms and looked over the four shivering men, smirking. She adjusted her demonic mask and snickered quietly to herself. She stood at about five foot three and from the sound of her voice, she was young. The guys had never laid eyes on her before, so they were extremely curious of her but also pretty wary. Jinxx was alarmed more than anything and shuffled closer on his knees.
“Who are you, why are we here and where's Andy?” He said sternly, staring up at the girl with those calm blue eyes of his. She stared back with her own then looked away, cackling quietly to herself.
“I am me and I believe Andrew's in the room next
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Captured - Ch. 1
There was barely any light coming through the cracks in the walls. There wasn't even much light coming through the metal bars of the small window in the tall, rusted metal door. It was a dark room and some might even describe it as spooky. Either way, it wasn't an empty room.
“Oh, my head,” mumbled Ashley, the man that was in the far corner by himself with his hands cuffed behind his back. He wore no shirt and shivered lightly to the bitter breeze that struck him without warning, breathing out through his mouth causing him to create a small cloud of grey that quickly disappeared a second later. He struggled and grunted for a moment before halting his movement, trying not to appear too alarmed by the situation.
“Ashley?” Another voice echoed quietly through the room which caused Ash to glance in the direction it came from. The voice was familiar but with such a fuzzy mind and impaired vision, he couldn't tell who it was. He blinked and squinted and finally found
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Andy Biersack by TheBlackBullet Andy Biersack :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 29 6 CC Sim by TheBlackBullet CC Sim :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 8 4 OPPA CC STYLE! by TheBlackBullet OPPA CC STYLE! :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 36 11 CC the Pug by TheBlackBullet CC the Pug :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 28 10 CC - For Realsies! by TheBlackBullet CC - For Realsies! :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 38 3 Signed 'We Stitch These Wounds' Vinyl LP by TheBlackBullet Signed 'We Stitch These Wounds' Vinyl LP :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 26 19 Jake Pitts by TheBlackBullet Jake Pitts :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 30 3 Jinxx by TheBlackBullet Jinxx :icontheblackbullet:TheBlackBullet 36 0


Miku Hatsune vs. Zatsune by TheJester5T33LC00K13 Miku Hatsune vs. Zatsune :iconthejester5t33lc00k13:TheJester5T33LC00K13 11 20 CC - Tim Burton style by erondagirl CC - Tim Burton style :iconerondagirl:erondagirl 158 35 smoke stung eyes by Skopt smoke stung eyes :iconskopt:Skopt 1,455 145 CC SMASH! by SailorStarMiracle CC SMASH! :iconsailorstarmiracle:SailorStarMiracle 114 128 Jinxx Portrait by otakugirl1979 Jinxx Portrait :iconotakugirl1979:otakugirl1979 2 0 Andy, Dinofeliz and Ashley (Commission-2) by FacelessMachine Andy, Dinofeliz and Ashley (Commission-2) :iconfacelessmachine:FacelessMachine 154 20 All Is Lost by CryingEagle All Is Lost :iconcryingeagle:CryingEagle 1 1 12 and 13 by CryingEagle 12 and 13 :iconcryingeagle:CryingEagle 1 1 Jinxx kitty num num by XxsilvixX Jinxx kitty num num :iconxxsilvixx:XxsilvixX 100 21
Ouiji Boards - BVB Fanfiction.
"Hey Ashley..."
Andy walked onto the bus, a retangular piece of carboard clutched in his hands wrapped in plastic wrap. He was staring down at it, his eyebrows crooked down staring at the brown board in wonder.
"Whats up?" Ashley called from the sofa. He was playing video games with CC.
"I got this at the st-"
"IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!" Jinxx came thumping across the bus, jumping over Ashley and CC's legs he grabbed the piece of cardboard from Andy and examined it closely.
"Oh my god you didn't." Jinxx handed it back to Andy, backing away.
"What?" CC asked. Everyone was looking at Andy.
He mumbled something, hiding it behind his back.
"What is it?" Jake got up and started towards Andy.
"Itsajeeboard!" he said, backing up.
"What?" CC repeated.
"I'm so confused..." Ashley said.
"Ouija board!" Jinxx yelled as Andy held it out of anyone's reach.
The room was quiet. Everyone glanced at eachother.
"I thought it'd be fun but NO everyone flips their shit." Andy said, sitting it down on the
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Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake by RBF-productions-NL Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake :iconrbf-productions-nl:RBF-productions-NL 33 3 JTK and BVB by emoLove9900 JTK and BVB :iconemolove9900:emoLove9900 79 9 Balloon by Dethkira Balloon :icondethkira:Dethkira 136 56 Matt Good by AirGraveyard Matt Good :iconairgraveyard:AirGraveyard 37 20 Andy Merman. by FacelessMachine Andy Merman. :iconfacelessmachine:FacelessMachine 60 18



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Hihi! I'm Alycia, better known as Liss, and I'm a seventeen year old BVB fan from Wales! I make BVB YT videos for fun and also do some artsy stuff once and a while that I'll throw on here! :D

-~BVB fan since late 2009
-~Seen them live for the first time April 1st 2012
-~I gave CC a red hat
-~CC recognised me through my CCberry picture and name on Twitter
-~Seeing BVB live again February 3rd and 5th 2013
Alright, so, ... I know there's a nice number of you that follow my recent fan fiction. I just wanted to update you all on what's going on and why I haven't put up another chapter yet.

Okay, this month I have exams. Yeah.. I need to revise for those and I've also had a little bit of trouble with my computer which has my half finished Chapter 4 on it so I've left my comp alone for a while. I might be able to update it later this week. I'm so sorry for the wait D: Heck, I may even be able to update it Wednesday. We'll see.

On a side note, I saw Legion Of The Black earlier a number of times and also participated in the QnA with BVB. They answered one of my Qs which made me smile so much :3 Very fun little session. I also have W&D now! It came an hour and a half ago on my iPhone from iTunes! It's so great! x] So worth the wait.

But yeah, Captured should get updated Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We'll see. (:

Have a great week everyone <3
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